Greetings Female Christian Writers!

Thank you for sending your best work.  Normally, you can expect to receive a reply within one month.  If it is over one month, it may be that your submission is good but we cannot find a place for it or we are still deciding on it.   Stay encouraged if your submission is not chosen.  Do not give up if it is your dream to write.  Writers are persistent people. (Off during the holiday season.)


Best Word Document Format: 
  • Header: Title, First and Last Name, Email, # of Words
  • Body: Single-spaced, 12pt. Arial Font 
  • Paragraphs:  No need to indent the first line.
  • Footer:  Optional Biography
  • All work must be original and use KJV only when quoting scripture because it is public domain.
Some of the Benefits:
  • Possible magazine cover highlight of your article
  • Your article shared by author name on social media
  • Readers can read your article freely online
  • National contest opportunities at the end of the year (Fee involved)
Please do not:
  • Insert a link into your article unless it is a fully typed URL.
  • "Mention a scripture" or link to a scripture rather than type it out entirely.
  • Send submissions with higher or lower word counts than specified.
  • Send submissions that have the same errors that we may have fixed previously in an accepted, in-house-edited piece.
  • Send submissions that do not follow the guidelines above or below.

Tips to Increase Your Acceptance Chances:

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  5. Follow the guidelines.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Submission Window for the Online Cover Issue:

SPRING/SUMMER: From the first week of August to the first week of February
AUTUMN/WINTER: From the first week of March to the first week of July

If you do not see the guidelines BELOW, click More to open it.

Content Desired:

The following Christian content for women is continually desired; HOW-TOs & REVIEWS for the Proverbs 31 and 1 Timothy 2, Titus 2, and 1 Peter 3 mandates. Plus, BORN-AGAIN TESTIMONIES. 

Here are some examples:

  • COOKING: Bulk cooking Tips, Freezing Bulk Meals, Canning, Fresh and fast prep 3-5 ingredient meals 
  • CLEANING:  Basic Starter Basket, Laundry Tips, Home Cleaning Maintenance from daily to annual, Organization
  • GARDENING: Basics of starting/maintaining a small garden, Seasonal Tips
  • EDUCATION: College Planning or opportunities (with the intent to work from home if marrying), Homeschool Curriculum Review, Positive homeschool experience
  • FINANCES: Budgeting, Building credit, Debt management
  • SKILLS: Sewing, Crocheting, Knitting, Ironing Basics and Maintenance
  • BUSINESS:  Home business career review or tips
  • ADORNMENT: Very modest attire review (Modest means not showy or showing too much.  Chaste means virginal, simple, plain.  We do support headcoverings and shorn heads.)
  • HUSBAND:  Teach the younger women to love their husbands. (e.g. knowing your husband's likes/dislikes) This is not about submission or obedience, but rather actions of love. Tell about how God saved your marriage or about leaving a fornicator.
  • CHILDREN:  Teach the younger women to love their children.(e.g. patience, incorporating the Word of God, etc.), Tell about a journey to holiness with a child or an adoption experience.
  • SISTERHOOD:  Tell us about your modest, Christian sisterhood or best friendship. Or lack thereof.
  • TESTIFY:  Have you received the baptism that comes by fire?  Share your born-again testimony about how God saved you and the reason for the hope that is in you. Or share your before and after journey of how God has changed you. Are you being chastised? Request prayer.  (There is a difference between how and why. How names specific God moments with scriptures because the proof is in the God moment. Why tells why you needed to be saved, which is fine, but the how must stand out.)
  • CULTS MASQUERADING AS TRUE CHRISTIANITY:  FLDS, Jim Jones, Scientology, Yahweh Ben Yahweh, Bahai, ACMTC, and others, tell your personal story.  Expose the darkness and lies about paranoid organizations who use "God" to physically or sexually abuse and manipulate others. 
  • OTHER RELIGIONS:  Tell how you came to Christ coming out of another religion and the differences. 
  • OP-EDS: Want to comment on a news story by giving an accurate, biblical response? This posts on the AWS editorial blog only.
All of the above must be done by Christian women who live a very holy and serious life upholding the doctrine.  All must have a scriptural message.  The point of this is to manifest what is good and acceptable to God because we are the light of the world. 

For HOW-TOs, please include easy to understand steps with headers.
For REVIEWS, use 3-5 categories of judgment such as COST, EASE OF USE, ETC.:  

For HOW-TOs and REVIEWS, please add (carefully labeled document name) images within your WORD document as a primary submission.  If you have a video, please upload that as a secondary submission. If your video is published, unbelievers will see your video, therefore, make a visible, godly impression because man does judge the outward appearance.  Video Format: MP4 only


The Magazine Online is not interested in submissions that do not encourage the sobriety, whether visually or by words, of working out one's salvation as the apostle Paul (a master builder in Christ) teaches.  Scriptural references (and a genuine, holy appearance--if uploading video) is required.
  • Do not send poetry.  
  • Do not send book manuscripts.
  • Do not send press releases. 
  • Contributor Agreements for signing are sent to accepted submissions.
  • Pay attention to the guidelines above on what is desired.  Check guidelines monthly, or at least quarterly, for possible updates.  Do not delay.  Send submissions today.  Thank you.
  • Submission updates are posted on the right-hand tab called SITE STATUS.

Tell a godly friend.

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